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Dirk Schubert Lab of Cellular NeuroPhysiology
Schubert Neurolab @ Cognitive Neuroscience Department, Donders Institute for Brain Cognition & Behavior
Radboudumc Nijmegen, The Netherlands
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Why are there currently still no cures even for intensively studied neurodevelopmental and movement disorders, such as autism spectrum disorders? 

Starting from this basic question you are going to set a frame in this interfaculty minor “Translational Neuroscience” and draw upon the following topics: What is nowadays known about the neurobiological mechanisms underlying these disorders – and what is not known? What state of the art scientific tools do we currently have to investigate these disorders? Where is preclinical and clinical research now and are there new treatments and therapies in sight? The problems clinicians and researchers nowadays face with neurodevelopmental and movement disorders range from diagnostics, neurobiology, genetics and choosing suitable research methodologies to therapy.

Aim of this course is to enable you to apply the current knowledge in neurobiology to propose translational research strategies that will help to either better understand the etiology of neurological disorders or their potential treatments. For this, during the minor, you will have the opportunity to focus either more on the translational/clinical aspects of neuroscience or on the neurobiological/translational ones.
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MED-MIN16 Translational Neuroscience 
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